Understanding the 8 Dimensions of Wellness

  1. Emotional— This refers to your ability to cope with the stresses and changes occurring in your life. A person who is emotionally stable is able to cope with losses, express themselves effectively (this includes the full spectrum of emotions), and adjust when things are out of their control.
  2. Physical— This has to do with how we take care of our bodies. This includes having healthy eating habits and engaging in the 5 elements of fitness which consist of flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and body composition on a regular basis. A person who is physically well exercises 75-150 minutes a week depending on intensity and makes efforts to drink lots of water and eat plenty on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.
  3. Intellectual— This refers to your ability to push yourself cognitively, challenge your mind, and pursue new knowledge. A few examples of ways you can further your intellectual wellbeing is to learn new skills, read books, engage in puzzles and brain teasers, and juggle a full schedule.
  4. Social—Having a rich social life means meeting new people, maintaining friendships, and being content with the amount of time you spend with others.
  5. Environmental— Environmental wellness is rooted in respecting the earth and everything it provides us with. An environmentally well person is conscious of their ecological footprint and recycles and conserves resources whenever possible.
  6. Financial— This has to do with spending within your means and  being financially stable. Ideally, you are able to save a bit each month and not live from paycheck to paycheck.
  7. Occupational— Occupational wellness has to do with finding a fulfilling job that makes you feel like you are a valuable contributor to society.
  8. Spiritual— Being spiritually well has to do with being at peace and seeking purpose in your life. For many people, this is tied closely to their religion.

To learn more, check out the link below:                                http://www.samhsa.gov/wellness-initiative/eight-dimensions-wellness


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