The Secret to Staying Fit: Find Something You Love Doing

Have you ever been running on a treadmill in the gym and you could swear you’ve been going strong for at least 20 minutes only to look down and see that 5 minutes have passed? *raises hand*

The fact of the matter is, we all live busy lives and if we don’t enjoy the form of exercise that we choose to take part in, we won’t make time for it. Unsurprisingly, NCBI conducted a study and found that ‘lack of time’ and ‘dislike of exercise’ are two major barriers keeping individuals from exercising. This is where I urge people to think outside the box. You are not limited to resistance machines and treadmills to get in shape, you have all of the great outdoors on your side! Go for a trail run, walk your dog, take on paddle boarding or check out rock climbing. Try as many activities as you can until you find the one that speaks to you. Outdoor activities are so multifaceted that its easy to forget that it is even exercise. You quit doing it for the calories that you burned and you start doing it because you get hooked on the fresh air, the freedom, and the task at hand. I am a true believer that we make time for what we love. For example, I am always to busy to fold the ever-growing pile of laundry in my closet, but I am never too busy to grab a coffee with a friend. We prioritize what is important to us, which is why I find time to get outside. For me rock climbing, hiking, and trail running are the activities I get lost in. Its only when my muscles are exhausted and I am out of breathe that I am reminded that what I’m doing is not only good for my soul, but for my body as well. Getting adequate physical activity is a crucial component to a healthy life and is 1 of the 8 dimensions of overall wellness.

To learn more about the personal barriers of engaging in physical activity check out NCBI’s article:



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